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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sunday, July 16, 2006
aww. today was fun. haha. just came back. went out to have lunch with amanda, jon, suxin, isaac and alvin(my debate coach). ate at pizza hut/centrepoint. omg. so full. wah. ate like three pizzas and some side orders. then was suppose to watch movie with suxin, jon and amanda (pirates of carribean?) at 2.00 pm but too bad, they only had FRONT seats. and at the end of the movie, i guess i'll have a terrible neckache. haha.

so freaking angry by some people. i took great pains/efforts to do that thing and when i gave it to them, they just simply shouted at my face, "IT SUCKS." omg. i can't believe he/she actually did that. i hate HER. i think i'll hate HER forever.

anyway, to continue. then went with jon, amanda and suxin to sengkang. jon bought salmon fish for his artwork. and then he left for piano lessons. me, suxin, amanda went to popular. and WHOOPS. we found out some major secrets that TRAUMATIZED suxin. Shhh. i shall not say the secret out!! then went to li-brary to talk/chit-chat with suxin and amanda. then came home. what a tiring day. omg. mayor's debate prelim round this saturday. i think i doubling up as TWO speakers. + reply speech.!! it will be like omg. 8*2 + 4*2 = 24 minutes worth of SPEECHEs. haha. well. well. well. got to go. so i gonna go! cya.

Thursday, July 13, 2006
here to b!og. well. just came back. so tired. must be wondering why right. haha. me and amanda foo had this SpeakGoodEnglishMovement workshop at National Library by Hossan Leong. hmm. i would grade the workshop as 9.5/10. great workshop. it is supposedly a DRAMA workshop. but it is really fun. majority of the workshops' time was occupied by this drama play. the plot is simple but message conveyed is a deep one. =) i played bobby and amanda was fairy god-makchik. haha. well. after we ended, then we went to bugis junction to walk. went to the wallet shop and saw most wallets at 29.90. saw this pencil box at 9.90. nice lol. but couldn't decide to buy or not. well. i ate mos burger. i ate teriyaki chicken and amanda ate ... hot chilli hotdog bun. she was like, "the sausage/hot dog is so juicy and nice that when i bite it, the juice spilled on my hand" lols. i was like -.-'''. then we went to bugis street and walk. oh man. bugis street is like a freaking maze. me and amanda were like chatting and walking round. and we just can't get out. well. today was very fun. at least it was like a one-day tour around bugis. hehe. i believe amanda enjoyed it. SOH. haha. amanda would understand the word. =) ok. i got to go. cya peeps. OH. btw, this is my 100th post. hehe.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006
ok. let me b!og before i go to sleep =) i am now b!ogging using a laptop. yeaps. laptop borrowed from school for the mayor's series. hmm. that's a benefit for being a laptop. had a fun interview yesterday. for sec1's and sec3's. found some really potential speakers amongst them. well done! woo hoo. me and amanda will be released earlier because we are going to nlb at 2'o clock for this speak good english workshop with hossan leong. =) aww. bowen didn't get in for the it's showtime thing. but never mind. GOOD TRY! its 11.06 now. sleepy. *yawns* hope i'll have a great great day tomorrow. =))

Saturday, July 08, 2006
hmm.. today's farewell was absolutely AWESOME. haha. of course, the sec3's planned it. i mean everything went quite well. except for the morning. the auntie which supposedly needed to help us open the gate was LATE. so we were quite messed up. and then started the programme later. (if not we would have more time for MUSHI - MUSHI). cried? not really. but did dropped few drops of tears. haha. after all. they are the CLOSEST BATCH to us. the weeks of hard work have been PAID OFF. great job all juniors!! poor afifah was the last group to arrive so i was the punishment master. the punishment goes something like this; there are 9 cards. on each card, there is 1 food item and 1 question related to the senior) the juniors have to answer. if they get it correct, the food item would be placed in the seniors' bowl. if they answer it wrongly. the food item would be placed it in the junior's bowl. in the end, afifah (with yee wen and nicholas) had a bowl of twisters + popcorn + coke lime + wasabi + mayonnaise and more coke. disgusting right. but too bad. it is a PUNISHMENT. =) then after that, went to kovan (pronounced as ko-wen; haha) to take neos with suxin, ziwei, chang sheng, pearlyn, fiona and the other sec2s. we were like dying of HUNGER but chang sheng had to go back so we decided to take neo then eat. IDIOT. out of the 6 neoprints. only 1 got my face. but never mind. most importantly is the MEMORIES. noticed that i changed song already. haha. i find it rather boring to hear the same song. so change it. =)

farewell is something that allow us to sum everything up as a whole but having them as a senior will never stop and forever and ever, they will be the DEAREST BATCH OF SENIORS I HAVE. so rawk on people. =) i will remember o8o7o6 forever and ever. (p.s - it is a nice date anyway. so significant) =)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006
now i just realised it is already july. 5 more months to end the year. for me. it means the end of the SECONDARY THREE LIFE. it means the start of a STRESSFUL LIFE. i looking foward to the day i turn 15. then i can get my NRIC. hmm.. pretty cool.

today was freaking tiring. released at 1.30 pm but needa to go for drama. stayed till 5+, six. hais. so tiring. =X. but wad could we simply do? drama farewell is this saturday. i have no choice but to WORK HARD for it. this is the 1st farewell, we the sec3s are planning (also the last one) and also for me, i am rather sad to bid the sec 4 seniors goodbye. they were the one who made drama seem so fun for us. they were the one who taught me loads of things. they were the one which are the closest BATCH to me. but i do look foward to saturday.

"trapped in a trap that trapped me....."